WordPress vs HTML5


Hi, I am new here. I have very limited idea about websites designing. So, which one would be bettter for me HTML 5 or Wordpress as a beginner…


A WordPress theme uses HTML5 so I guess if you are learning you should start at the bottom of the stack really - HTML5 CSS3 and then PHP and JQuery etc.


There are couple (more then 2) of sides to programming:

  1. Client Side (html, html5, css, css3,javascript and the list go on…)-
    Every page in the internet has a client side (you can “view source of the page” and see for your self) - so if you are a beginner (and You are interested in web programming) you should star learning plain html -> css -> java script (in this order) lean the basic and learn it good, then… learn jquery -> html5 -> css3 and from here You’ll understand.
    there are a lot of client technologies.

  2. Server side (php, java, asp, asp.net and the list go on):
    a page does not have to have server side (not all site do), but if you want something like “contact us” page- the user fill details -> hit a button -> message is sent to somebody > ( I meant that the server do the job and send the mail, you must have server side

wordpress, joomla , magento and so…
are open source systems that you can get out of the box…

So like he said before me-> “html exist in wordpress” everything in the internet, every site,page or so have html in use.

Hope I was clear enough :slight_smile: start study html (if you are beginner You better go to some video tutorials site- $ ones - most of them are have 14 days free…

Good luck/


Better to start practicing with HTML templates. You have to know HTML / CSS mainly and other stuff. The end result will be HTML template (site templates), then when skills go up make “landing pages”, “Email templates”. For email templates there is necessary to make sure that compatible with email services like Mailchimp, Getresponse.


woorockets, Personally I think that he have to own some knowledge before…
Someone that don’t even know the difference between client, server, html and html 5,
can’t “jump” to a template (that contains html, html5, css, css3 db and a lot of other thing…inculding php and so).

So I really recommend that he will start by a “static page” like You said “landing page” that does not have server side.

premzenith85- start by understanding and creating, “example.html” page.
Start to play with it… html -> css -> java scriipt -> jquery ans so…

When You feel comfortable, it takes sometime* then start play with templates.

This is the best advise that you’ll get:)



For design and development, you surely would be better to start with HTML5 for the coding knowledge. But for website creation only, WordPress is a good option. You can learn more from https://whatswp.com/html5-vs-wordpress/.