Wordpress vs HTML5 Templates

Hi mates,

I made this topic because of my doubts on getting a Wordpress Theme and a HTML5 Theme.

I’m kinda new to the functionalities of the Wordpress so I was wondering what’s the main differences between developing a website using the Wordpress platform and doing it using a HTML editable program (like Dreamweaver).

My thoughts are that Wordpress makes it easier to develop the websites because of it’s interface and plugins but is there something more?

At the same time, it seems that Wordpress make the website more “freezed”, like, you are not able to change as many things (interface of the website) as you would be on - ie. Dreamweaver?

And last but not least, is Wordpress better for some types of websites or they (Wordpress and HTML5 Templates) are even?


Wordpress is a Content Management System. It is used to generate dynamic websites that have their HTML generated automatically by scripts. Simple HTML-only templates don’t have a CMS under them; this makes them “static”, good to handle only a small number of pages.

As quick example, a CMS offers a graphical interface to edit text directly online, to upload photos, etc. A static website needs you to have a text editor, to edit and save the text in the right area… then upload it in the right folder using a FTP manager.

WordPress is a content management system written in HTML, CSS, PHP etc… You could write WordPress themes using Dreamweaver if you wanted.

You’re making the internet way more complicated than it really is.