What exactly is this WP themes? What is the difference between WP and HTML?
How can I transform a HTML into a WP theme? Or how exactly/what do I need to create a WP theme?
What makes the WP unique?


Well Wordpress is a way to host websites, HTML is a way to code websites. So Wordpress themes might be made with CSS and HTML. The reason they call them Wordpress themes is just because these particular HTML / CSS code setups work well on Wordpress.

So you can do HTML in other places, not just Wordpress, and you can do other things other than HTML in Wordpress.

If that makes sense… can be kinda confusing.

“WP” is Wordpress… and Wordpress is a really easy and functional way to host websites and code… which makes up a website. So Wordpress is something you sign up for, Wordpress.org, and you have a theme for your website inside wordpress. So Wordpress is kind of like a container.

  1. A theme is a template-based structure that can be used on the WordPress platform

(note that TF themes will only work on WordPress installed on your own domain and hosting and NOT on the wordpress.com version).

  1. WP is a Content Management System where as HTML is a programming code to display content.

  2. The process to translate HTML templates to WP themes will depend on the individual file and what you need to edit easily etc.

  3. To create a theme you can either code it from scratch or there are numerous frameworks to jump start the process.

  4. WP is just another CMS but it’s also the most common and popular (apparently it powers nearly 26% of all websites on the internet).

Google is your friend when it comes to understanding the differences and the basics of developing but if you are referring to creating WP themes for sale here and you need someone to explain the difference between WP and HTML then there are further requirements and with respect you need to be willing to take quite a long time to learn the fundamentals of WP properly.


…And, the website below may be a good start…:

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