Wordpress vs HTML

Hello, my client want a directory website, i need your advice, from easy to use view, because he will need to do the edit (category, etc…), he have some knowledge but not much.

Also loading time is important to him.

What u suggets?

If those are your two options and you are not looking to develop a custom solution (which would be the fastest and easiest to use) then it would have to be WordPress, otherwise:

  • they will need to write and upload actual code for each new listing

  • amend all links on any other page manually

  • without databases, CMS and proper setup etc. then you can’t search, categorise, organise content on a HTML template.

These are just the basics - there are lots of other considerations. For example:

  • you need to spend some time showing them the management process as it will never be as easy as clients think

  • if they plan to charge to list then that changes things again a lot

  • if they are handing that level of business and customer data, and especially if speed is an important factor, then they are going to need to invest properly in decent hosting and security which is not going to be cheap or a basic setup.

  • there is a fairly significant job to optimise the theme to their needs (by default they will include more than is needed) which you need to be technically comfortable delivering.

  • these types of sites require regular updates and bug fixes. You need to agree a maintenance deal to cover this.

From your perspective it is extremely risky to be dependent on a stock template or theme and reliant on the developer of that file to cover it all. You need to be confident that you can support, update and handle any necessary development going forward of the author becomes unavailable

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Thanks charlie482, i guess i will choose wordpress.

Just bear in mind how much more is involved than just installing a WP directory theme and off you go.