Want to learn how to Develop Wordpress Themes. Your suggestions?


I am looking, but having trouble finding, the best Courses / Tutorials for learning how to develop Wordpress themes.

I know HTML and CSS, but I am lost when it comes to developing Wordpress sites.
I would also love to learn PHP (I am a complete beginner).

If any of you have suggestions as to what courses or tutorials I should take and concentrate on for learning Wordpress, PHP and even WooCommerce.
I would greatly appreciate any help you can throw my way.

I love to learn new languages and I am very intrigued by Wordpress and PHP.
I do know Wordpress, but I do not know how to develop Wordpress themes, they coding (loops and other things for calling blog posts titles etc etc etc) really confuse me!

Thank you and I appreciate anything you can provide me with so I can learn to develop my first Wordpress theme!

  • Jon

Hello Jon,

Before starting WordPress Theme Development, you need to learn PHP basics. After you learn the PHP basics, you can start learning WordPress Theme Development.

For WordPress Theme Dev. I did this course https://themeforest.net/item/building-wordpress-themes-with-bootstrap/14806107?s_rank=2

For PHP basics course, I did it from Udemy.

Also, I did a mistake as a starter and started building huge complex themes. Best way to start is by building personal blog themes.

Good Luck.



You need the learn how to coding: PHP sure but same importance have HTML + JS + CSS.
The simplest way to start is with WPTF that have all ready: http://wordpress.framework-y.com/wptf/

But you will need anyway to learn the coding.


There are some great resources on Envato Tuts+ for learning web development in general as well as coding for WordPress. (Disclaimer: I’m an editor for Tuts+ so I had a hand in creating many of these courses.)

This is paid content, but you can access it all with a low-cost monthly subscription.

Here’s a really basic starter on PHP:

This one is a comprehensive mega-course that will take you from A-Z in fundamental PHP skills:

Here are a few short courses on basic WordPress skills (any of the WordPress Basics coffee break courses will be helpful):

And here are some more in-depth courses on WordPress theme, plugin and WooCommerce development:

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Awesome! Thank you so much for that, I did in fact watch some of the PHP Fundamentals by Jeffery Way.
And I love Jeffery Way, he is great. However, that course I found to be quite difficult and hard to keep up with. But he is the one who basically taught me most of all I know when it comes to my HTML and CSS knowledge.

I am subscribed to Tuts Plus. That is why I posted on here, because I have access to all of the courses on Tuts +
Just wanted a helping hand as to what would be the absolute best tutorials for learning PHP and WordPress.

I will check out the other ones you sent me!
Again, Thank you so very much for sending those to me. I will check them all out, and also, Thank you for contributing to some of them.

I do not know what it is, but I just thoroughly love Coding websites, to me it is incredibly rewarding to design a website in Sketch or Photoshop (I do most all of my designing in Photoshop) and then coding it into a functioning working website.
It is a very rewarding feeling!

But again, thank you very much for helping me out by posting those! I am going to go through each one.

Thank you and take care,
– Jon


Hi, a lot of good information has been covered here by kind hearts.
I am working on my website http://infobynet.com and not finding any impressive theme. Are there any video tutorials available to learn PHP and theme development.

With Regards,
Jaspal Singh