Wordpress Theme Developers Getting Lazy

Just purchased the second theme this month where the online “live demo” looked incredible, but once it was purchased and installed, nearly all the images in the installed demo content were just colored squares.

I understand the motivation for this (photo licensing, probably), but there needs to be a way in the community to solve this. I’d rather have a demo with crappy iphone photos your intern shot than get the demo installed and find it’s just a bunch of FPO colored squares. It’s tough to get the demo planned out and translated to the actual content without some representations. Adds a lot of time to the process trying to figure it out.

If this is going to become a growing trend, Themeforest/Envato should require developers be more up-front in making customers aware that the demo content on the sexy live demo is nothing like what you’ll be getting when you actually purchase the theme; it feels a little “bait & switch” as it stands now. Responsible sellers will do this without being required.



Out of interest what was the file? Was it stated in the description that the images were not included? I thought that was a requirement of authors now?

Most of the authors state on item description that demo images are not included. I really do not see the point of them being included since either way you change it for your own.


ThemeForest reviewers are asking to remove the images comes with the theme so as an Author, there’s nothing to do but importing the demo content (if there’s any) could solve the problem