Infringement issue regarding demo images - Theme is taken down without questioning

Hi fellows,

Recently we are reported by a big publisher who owns several images which were used on our demo page for a theme. I’m fully aware that we made a mistake when we do not carefully select demo images.

After receiving the report, we have remove all those images and get the theme back after 1 week.

However, the report still requires that, and I quoted

the infringement is still in all stored versions on Themeforest.
Themeforest has yet to confirm that they deleted all these versions and revoked access for previous buyers.

ThemeForest took down my theme again, with no further question. And I have to discussed with the report again. (and I confirmed, the infringed images are not included in the product. They are on our demo server only)

So my question is, do you have similar experience before and how do you deal with this? ThemeForest leaves us to deal with the reporter, and not helping us to explain anything.

Thanks a lot.

You can’t use or keep it on your own server. It’s copyrighted images and you don’t have permission to use it any way possible. You HAVE TO REMOVE the images everywhere ( preview images as well ) and get back to Envato with a ticket.

Make sure you don’t use the images on another items or elsewhere. This may cause some serious problems with your account

Yes, as I said, we have removed the images from our demo server. The issue is that the reporter is requesting ThemeForest to remove all downloaded versions of the theme which is nonsense because

  1. The images are not part of the theme. We didn’t include those images within the theme since beginning.
  2. ThemeForest only stores the latest version of a theme. There is only 1 version of the theme where buyers can download
  3. ThemeForest does not question this request and takes down our theme immediately.

What about the demo data/file?

Yes, we deleted them. We also replaced preview and advertisement images. The reporter seems to confuse between uploaded content by admin/site owner with the product itself

Vào 21:00, T.3, 23 Th11, 2021 ki-themes via Envato Forums <> đã viết:

You need to contact Envato support to make the situation clear. They may need to informed the copyright holders about the situation as well. There’s nothing we can offer.

Of course I have done that. The reason I asked you guys because Envato Support is really slow in this matter, they leave it to us to discuss with the reporter without any help.

In addition, the reporter seems do not want to differentiate the difference between the product and the demo page…

There’s nothing we can suggest. Copyright issues are being handled by the support and you will have to wait for the results