Need suggestions for my first uploaded theme

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It’s not a bad start but not ready yet - especially that team section - the shadows thing are not good.

Do you have permission to use that CodeCanyon plugin in the file?

i liked this design

yes mate
i have the extended licence for the all plugins and also purchased the images from photodune

License is not the issue you still need permission from the original author to use their script or plugin in the file.

How i get the permission, is they provide me licence number for use them,
i will ask them.thanks for your comments!

you need to message them and make sure they are ok with it being used - explain you have (include) the extended license code and make sure they do not require any other agreement, fees etc.

Ohk, I will confirm from plugin owners. what you think about overall design. i will remove the team shadows

It’s not bad - maybe a bit basic for here as it is. I’d suggest looking for more features etc. to add to pad it out a bit more

i am planing to add more demos for this one page, like video bg, revolution slider etc. if current version is live
Thanks for your important time and feedback, thanks so much!

Design is good but not unique as said. But i think you should give it a try by uploading it on ThemeForest. I would also suggest you to wait for developing more demo pages until you get first round of feedback from reviewers as that won’t add to the quality if your main demo is not good enough to pass through.

Is it possible i upload it now and add more demos with future updates. i think to upload it now because its minimal design.
and i think light & dark option is enough to first release, if you think i need to add more demos, i will add. Thanks for writing your feedback.

Yes, you can add additional pages as updates after getting approved. It’s upto you if you want to add them now then you can surely add. It was just a suggestion!

I just checked you are a elite author. Is this theme get approved with current demos. what’s your opinion.
Thanks for your important time and feedback.

I can’t say if it will be going to approved or rejected but i do see some potential in the design. So the reviewer may ask you for some polishing or else. Totally depends on the individual who checks your demo. Multiple demos do add premium content to your template but it won’t make the final decision for approval or rejection IMO

Why not give yourself the best chance possible and add features pre-submission?

As it is I think it is too basic and if you get hard rejected then you will have more issues getting approved even when adding features

I will upload it with current demos. if it is get rejection, i will re-upload it after adding few more demos or features.
i will also add the demos if it get approve.
Thanks again for your important time and feedback.

Ok mate,
Now i finally decide that i will add more demos & features before uploading it, like video bg, sliders and component page etc. and now i 100% sure for get 1st themeforest item live.
thanks you so much!

Hi friends,
i have added more demos of this one page after feedbacks. please give your final feedback now, can i go for upload it?
Thanks to all in advanced!:slight_smile:

Any feedback after added more features and demos, uploaded it before 15 hours