[Themeforest] Feedback Before Submitting

Hi developers,

soon I’m going to upload my theme to Themeforest. [Demo] (http://webzakt.com/namaste-edit/).

I would appreciate if You could give me some advices, before the finish. What are the weaknesses of my theme? Are there design issues? Should I put more functions in it? Should I change something?

Thanks in advance!


You will be rejected for sure if you are an exclusive author and already selling the file elsewhere. You need to choose between non - exclusivity or removing it from other marketplaces

Thanks for the reply! Sure I will remove it from everywhere or change the author settings.

That’s a nice concept you have. I don’t think there are other themes like this here. I am not sure though.
As the overall design, maybe give it more breathing room. Everything is so close right now, it may feel a little cluttered.

Another thing, I feel some of the transitions are way too slow. Maybe make them a little bit faster? Like the Church, Blog, Donation buttons, also the text inside is hard to read. Maybe give it more contrast. Same goes for the Events section. The transition is slow and the text is hard to read.

At first, I thought that there is no slideshow on the top, because I couldn’t see the buttons. Make it so that they lights up (or their opacity goes to full) when you hover over the slideshow (not just the buttons itself).

Dear VMS_Designs,

Thanks for the very useful advives. I am going to make the changes. :smile: