Feedback Before Submitting

soon I’m going to upload my theme to Themeforest. [Demo] ( ).

I would appreciate if You could give me some advices, before the finish. What are the weaknesses of my theme? Are there design issues? Should I put more functions in it? Should I change something?

Thanks in advance!

With respect, this needs a ton more to it.

It looks like you have a single blog layout with a single post page? Have a look at other blog/magazine templates for sale and the number of different pages, layouts, features, etc. that they offer

You also need to think about making functions like search, profiles, login etc looks/feel more premium

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I agree with @charlie4282

Also there are missing files for example:

And I’m fairly certain referencing Font Awesome 6 Pro in your assets/icons/css/all.css is probably going to be an issue because of the licencing.

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