Pleeease help me

I’m new to ThemeForest and this will be my first theme.

I do not want it to be rejected, so I’d like your opinion on my theme and how I can improve.

So far I made three demos:

Your opinion is very important
Thank you

It’s not a bad start

  • Too much white space around “Our mission is make you happy” on start up

  • Careful with Typography as it slips in places esp portfolio items (title could be better, and that bold italic is too much)

  • Do more with the nav area e.g. contact info, social links etc - feels a bit empty at the moment

  • think versatility e.g. more portfolio layout options, more pages, widget footer options, visible nav alternative etc.

  • Blog link don;t work? If it’s a WP theme there needs to be a blog in there

  • nav disappears up on VCard and portfolio detail looks messy on V card

  • Very minor but still avoidable validation issues

Thank you!
I will make changes!

  1. I totally hate 100, 300 font weights in body text, or may be that’s just me
  2. try adding/making some logos in the logo section, will look better. Also a background color may help to differentiate it from the next section
  3. Why that margin-left for the button?
  4. Margin-top for section titles may not be a good idea