Need Suggestion about my new theme

Hi everyone,

I was planning to to submit my WP theme to themeforest. Can anyone suggest me some improvements?
Here is the live preview link:

Thanks in advance.


It’s definitely not bad, but there can be much to improve.

First of all - spacing! Header menu sits weirdly above the line. There are some spacing issues between headings and paragraphs. This is yuck:

Logo is very boring. :sleeping:

That page scroll is uncontrollable! Someone stop it!

The images overall: very sad and gloomy. Don’t go together with the illustration. Stick to your theme and to the emotion! Also, those 3 people in Meet the Team look like they don’t work together and never met. Text over some of the background images is unreadable!

FontAwesome icons - no, just no. Not at that size.

Images in gallery have a weird panoramic ratio.

Overall a good effort. Would get rejected, but if you keep improving it, it might have a good chance!

Hi Darinka,

Thanks a lot!! :smile:
I will try to improve them.

Let me know if you have any further suggestions. :slight_smile: