Advice for beginner. Help!

Hello! :slight_smile:

We are a team of beginners who for almost a year actively trying to make useful templates to become elite author. We already have 16 items in our portfolio and 5-star rating. However, the sales are extremely low. :disappointed:

Could somebody please take a look at our portfolio and give us an advice how to improve it.

Link: our portfolio.

Thank you!

Hello? :disappointed_relieved:

Hi, I saw your portfolio. You have good works, but i think, you have to make new logo for your items, they are not intresting and has ugly grey border (sorry, but it’s true). See this items, they are clear and stylish.
Good luck :slight_smile:

You have very nice works,
Maybe they’re not reaching customers !
Try advertising !
PS (it’s normal to have low sales in PSD and HTML)

Hi there, im not browsing themeforest much but in my opinion, your thumbnail icon dont look good. Try to use more catchy colours

Thank you for your honest opinion! It’s very important for us!

Thank you very much! It’s really useful advice!

Thank you!

I just saw your portfolio, I know it is 2020, and this topic created in 2017
but any way i saw that your porfolio is very good, and i want please to give me an advice, i am a WP web developer and i want to start in selling themes
What is your advice for me ?
Is it very important to work in a team ?

Thanks :slight_smile: