Need your Feedback Before I Submit My template work

Hi Guys ,

I need to check my template for sell in ThemeForest,

Please, if you have any idea how I can improve my theme, give me some feedback, any help will truly appreciate it.
Thanks in advance.

Here is my DEMO

It doesn’t look premium. You need better typography, images (it doesn’t matter they won’t be included with the template, but you need to present your template in some way) and more original and modern looking layout, it is currently way too generic and uninspired.

Just compare your design to some recent bestseller templates on the ThemeForest.

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Thank you.
For Images, I have taken from pixbay image, Any suggestion on this ?
I will check how best I can improve to make more inspied

If you want to get a quality niche stock images you will have to purchase them from sites like PhotoDune or ShutterStock.
But the overall design is the important stuff here. You can get away even with some decent free images if the template itself is top notch. So this is where I would focus my attention first if I were you. It currently looks like a decent free template. You will need something much, much better if you want to get approved here and even make some money.


you start good but you need to finish and work more with Design, in the footer you can make Social Icons White, learn more about how color/background work.

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Thank you.Will theme eligible to upload after some facelift or should I start from scratch ?