My first web template, feedback please.


Hello, I’m a total newbie on Themeforest so I need some help from you guys.
I have created a web template and i’m not sure if it’s good to add it on ThemeForest or people are actually going to use it.
Here it is: Please tell me what I should change and what I should be aware about…etc.
Thank you for your precious time!


Your website will rejected because problem padding, fonts, etc your need practice more html for approved themeforest, regards.-


What do you mean by problem padding, fonts…etc? Could you please be more specific. Where’s the problem? and how to solve it. I’m actually a web designer. I work as a freelancer but I have never tried selling templates.

  • You should avoid rubbish free hosting as aside from performance issues some don’t allow the ThemeForest iframe

  • Many mobile issues with content falling out of view, alignment of icons and content, images stretched

  • generally, the design feels quite outdated and lacks premium detail

  • the fundamentals with typography styling and spacing could be improved

  • this category is more competitive and crowded than any other and to compete seriously you need o bring pixel perfect design, execution and something fresh and original

  • repetitive portfolio items feels lazy and unfinished

  • poroflio items don’t open in lightbox or project


I added in a free hosting just to show you the website. I won’t use it probably in ThemeForest.
Thank you for your feedback. I’ll take it in consideration and I’ll improve it.