HTML Template Hard REJECTED .... need some feedback !!!

I’m new in Themeforest and they rejected my upload and reply with a computer generated email with no guideline of what went wrong in my template. I hope they at least give a simple comment of what they heard and what they don’t like about it so we as new members can learn and improve ourselves. Please provide a feedback of what went wrong so that i can improve. Below is the link the demo -Regards

With respect this is a fairly long way from the standards.

  • there are fundamental design issues e.g. inconsistent margins and padding, typography needs a lot of work, lack of hierarchy etc.

  • design is quite basic and outdated

  • several validation errors in the code

  • it really doesn’t make sense to have a ‘resume’ template but then have various services, pricing etc. It doesn’t make sense and makes it feel like it’s based on a different item

Thanks for your precious advice