please help me, why my html template has been rejected by themeforest?

Hi , I get Hard rejected of this design

can any one help me to know where problem in this design ?

With respect you are a way off the mark.

• Generally it’s a bit basic and needs significantly more premium features and functionality

• The typography generally is not good - font choices, hierarchy, alignment, spacing,

• Several images such as testimonial profile pics stretched

• Portfolio is a fun effect but the item copy is not good and there is no item page

• No blog pages


thanks for your reply
Your comment made me realize that the problem is with me, and that I need more learning before I start publishing templates

Thumbs up, not many people here can make such quick self-reflection.
That is the right attitude to move forward, keep it up! (and be prepared that it will take a LOT of time, don’t expect to be a pro in a week or a month)

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