Hard Rejection

Hello everyone!
Can anyone help me know why my html template was rejected?
This is the demo.
I would be happy if someone could take a look at it and tell me what the problem is. Your answers are very helpful to me.
I always appreciate it.
Thanks in advance

I am sorry but this is very, very far from required quality standards. Amateurish typography and spacing, generic layout and frankly, nothing which hasn’t already been done much better thousands of times. You need to spend more years honing your skills before submitting something here.

Take a look at some recent bestsellers to get an idea about the expected quality here:

Thanks for the reply.
I don’t know why an answer like this cannot be written in the rejection email …

My advice is to check out the latest approved HTML templates, you will see the difference and what you have to do and improve.

Themeforest is for the best, only original and createve work will be approved!

I understand what you mean, in fact, before starting I tried to see the latest approved templates and I was inspired by them.
For example:

What I don’t understand is if, besides typography, the difference is the variety of predefined customizations or something else.
Because, especially compared to the first example, I don’t see big differences compared to mine. Also, the scheme for one page templates is the same in all 3 examples

That first example is two years old, that is not at all a latest template. But even then, it is still much better than yours. But the fact that you do not see a big difference in quality is normal, you are simply not experienced enough to see it. Your eyes are not properly trained yet. Again, you need to spend much more time working on your skills and I will guarantee you, you will understand why you were rejected in the hindsight.

And instead of comparing your items with two years old items which barely have any sales, try to compare it with stuff approved in last year having several hundreds of sales at least. You need to aspire to be the best, not just barely pass a quality threshold. At least if you want to make some money here, not just having your items approved.

Thank you LSVRthemes!
I take your advice very seriously and will try harder to improve my technique and above all originality