Hard rejected again... Please help

Why my template is hard rejected again and again. Is it because I’m new here in TF?

Here’s the demo.

Your design is not bad, but it is just not good enough. Something like that would be probably approved few years ago, but current standards are much higher. Just compare it to some recent popular portfolio/creative templates here on ThemeForest.

Is it because I’m new here in TF?

Everybody was new here once. That is 100% not the reason. And don’t fall into believing that the reason for your rejection is anything else than your lack of experience. You need to be critical to your work, otherwise you won’t improve.

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LSVRthemes Thank you for your prompt feedback. I will check those popular portfolios from the TF community.

Your design not bad. But i think, if your template reject, it must be worst template from published themeforest templates. But it is not.

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wpuzman that’s why I wonder why the reviewer rejected it… I’ve put my all best to create this template and it took me 2 weeks to complete it and now the spent hours will be wasted.

That is a very bad way to look at this. You should try to compete with the best, not just surpass the worst. Comparing your items to the low quality existing items and arguing that your items are better is the worst thing you can do right now. Even if it is better than those, so what? Do you actually want to make any money here or just want to get your item approved and move to something else in life? Because if you want to make money here you certainly need something much better then those approved bad items.

2 weeks to complete it and now the spent hours will be wasted

Why would they be wasted? You’ve practiced your craft for two weeks. I am sure your next template will be better because of it. Or was that it and you are not going to do any web design anymore? Two weeks is NOTHING. I’ve spent months on my first submission and it was hard rejected, because it was not good enough. Actually it was horrible. Much worse than what you two guys have submitted. And of course I was very, very disappointed. But I didn’t give up. You just need to work harder and smarter and be much more critical to your work. But you must realize that nobody is going to pity you and nobody cares if you will or will not be approved. There are thousands of templates already. Nobody is going to miss your particular template. You need to come up with something worthy people’s money. It sounds harsh but this is the reality of this marketplace. Your success is only in your hands.


LSVRthemes Your words are very encouraging especially I’m a bit down and disappointed right now because of that rejection. But as you have said that you didn’t give up I will not give up also. I will try again.

Thank you once again.

Do you know one thing I was new here two years ago. my every Items got rejected no matter it’s logo, mockup, actions but now I know what envato want. now every item gets accepted…

btw, I have 30+ rejections that time.

Rolich can you share to me specifically what envato wants? or maybe you can enumerate it…

I’m Actions and Mock-up Author so I really can’t say what is better or not. I have seen your designs They were nice but maybe font kerning or some alignment issues.

Remember, don’t give up. because giving up is more bad than having failure many times.

and one more thing logos and website templates are very hard to get accepted here.

You can search latest trends on : pinterest.com or even search our envato themeforest site…

Btw, This how it looks when Envato approves your Item! Item link & name is hidden because self promotion is not allowed on forum.

I’m pretty sure, One day you will get this email! :smiley:

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Rolich Thanks so much. greatly appreciated your comments. Yes, soon I can get an email like that.

Exactly! Thank you for the encouraging words.

Take a look at recently accepted works and this link

Nexiss Thank you. It helps a lot.


Here are a few small tips:

  1. Try to make typography a little bolder.
  2. Check/increase the contrast ratio for text elements.
  3. Envato doesn’t allow to use famous company logos of, like Puma, etc…
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BestlookerTeam Thank you… I greatly appreciated your feedback.

Rolich; LSVRthemes; BestlookerTeam Thank you guys for your feedback. Honestly, it helps a lot. I’ve submitted my new template and it was approved.

Once again, Thank you!

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Congrats, your approved template looks really good!

BTW, have you used some sort of builder or something like that? There are many weird CSS class names in your code.

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LSVRthemes I’m not using html page builder. I have a collection of blocks, or html library. I apply your words “work smarter”. Is it not good to use numbering on css class? I’m wondering though.

Thank you for the compliments.

It just doesn’t make sense in a static HTML. All classes should have a meaningful name so it is easier for developers to customize the template. I mean you are not selling this template to Envato reviewers, you are selling it to actual buyers. It is one thing to pass the requirements and get approved, another one is to make the template actually usable in the real environment. I took a look at your rejected template and you haven’t had that issue there (you did a lot of unnecessary class name prefixing though). You just really need to think more about developers who will customize your template, if you do not want to end with bunch of 1 star reviews citing the poor code. But I guess this is something you will learn as you go.