Dear Theme Forest Review team

I just upload my new item and they give me hard reject in like just 20 min I mean I spend hours to create a project but they don,t care I don,t think they even review my item they just give I hard reject I think this is the best job in the world to become a ThemeForest reviewer.
thank you theme forest.

Hi there:

Your design is basic need improvement typography, hover, I not like use gradients, colors, etc you need practice more for approved themeforest.


You can’t use free templates with some additional content.

All you are doing is wasting the reviewers time and holding up other genuine authors.

This is a premium marketplace for experienced authors If you can’t write your own code and designs then this is not somewhere you should be submitting items.

Aside from that resubmitting almost identical hard rejected items may well end up with your account being banned.

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Hi charlie sorry I was in bad mood so I don,t reply your message, thanks for your feedback I really appreciate it .
do you have any HTML file making guideline for ThemeForest that can make me understand how to make right HTML template for theme forest thanks,