I need help and advice please

Hello guys :grinning:

  • I need urgent help :frowning_face: i don’t know where to start or what i must do to
  • I want to know what its better for me :roll_eyes:, to start with html templates or WordPress templates and what i must do to make my themes approved
  • My skills is html CSS WordPress(not developing) bootstrap as best ones i know as i am working with them from 10 years and i have made more than 100 website online
    and i am just learned WordPress theme developing but i dont think its time to start with it now :thinking: so i think my way here is making html templates
    I need help what to do and where to start or someone to be my god father on themeforest

It doesn’t matter what you begin with.

The priority should be taking the time to evaluate what it takes to compete here and what the other successful items are offering.

You can always share links to your demos etc. here for feedback

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I saw so much themes on my work even its html or wordpress but the problem that i saw themes offering more than 100 demos per item and i need to know about the files strucure and what are the reasons for my item to be accepted or not.
And can i start with just one demo per item? cause its hard for me to make 100 demo then its rejected.

you don’t need 100 demos but it has to compete so try multiple variations of home, about, services layouts etc.

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Thanks a lot charlie for you help :blue_heart: and i will always remember your words to guide me here.