Theme rejection - Need some help please!

Hi All

I’m excited to get started on ThemeForest!

We’ve spent the better part of a month creating a new theme to sell (our first one). However, we’ve been hard rejected and I would really appreciate any tips/advice/comments on our theme submission. I’ve temporarily made it available on

If you have one minute spare, please would you help! I’m at a bit of a loss on how to further improve the theme or what may have caused a hard rejection.

Also, I read that we won’t be able to submit this item again. Do we have to start from scratch and create a completely new item?

Kind regards


please add link preview demo because we can help you thank you.

Thank you JeriTeam!


We’ve put such a lot of effort into this theme. I’d appreciate any feedback you could share.

I am sorry but that is a very simplistic template. It looks like a free Bootstrap one.

Take a good look at some recent bestsellers to see what level of quality is expected here:

You can resubmit the same item if you can make significant changes. But significant changes in this case would mean basically a completely different theme. So I guess you can theoretically keep the code (if it is valid, semantic, etc. I didn’t check it) but will have to completely restyle it via CSS.

We’ve spent the better part of a month creating

To get you some reference, doing a proper multipurpose/business template which will have any chance to compete on ThemeForest can easily take you much more than one month if you are solo. However, if you are solo, then I would advice you to find a designer, because getting your design skills up to par can take you many months if not years of dedicated study and practice.

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Thank you for this feedback!
We will go back and make the required changes.