I request your keen eyes and sharp minds on a HTML hard rejection please

Hi eveyone

I have spent over a month on an HTML theme which includes a pretty kewl Gulp build system (well in my opinion at least :slight_smile:) but after a nail-biting wait it was hard rejected.

As I can imagine all of you can relate to the disappointment, but that is the nature of the beast I guess :confused:

So I was wondering whether you successful and keen-eyed authors out there could lend me some of your attention and review my theme please. As reviewers are very busy I realise they can’t give detailed explanations as to why the theme was rejected - so I was hoping that my fellow authors could.

There is a demo of the Light theme I created at http://light.demos.dxtrsthemes.com/

I’d appreciate all the feedback I can get :slight_smile:
Thank you very much for your time,

Your design is too basic, you need practice more for approved sell themeforest.


Hi there

Thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Is there any advice or suggestions you could lend in how I could juice it up?