Hard Rejected Please Help

Hello guys. I sent a theme to themeforest about a week ago and just got a “Hard Rejected”.
They did not give a reason as to why.
To me, the theme seems fine and sellable.
I put it up for 14$ and followed all their procedures.
Here it is: http://bootstrapbasictheme.epizy.com/?i=1
Please help me understand what could be the problem.

With respect, this breaks just about every design basic rule in existence and there is nothing to really give feedback on.

Compare this to one of the popular templates already for sale like this and you will see the gaps.

Is it really that bad?

Sorry but yes - Compare it to the example in our post above in terms of design quality, features, functionality, attention to detail etc

That is the standards you need to be aiming for

Sorry to say, but this is very bad. Don’t want to be harsh, but you really need some serious reality check. Realising that you are not good enough is the first step to start improving.
If you are serious about becoming a designer then start reading some theory and practice, practice, practice. It won’t happen in a week nor a month, think more like few years.

You can start here for example:

Do you have books or sources that I can start with?

I’ve just shared you one source in my previous message.