2 Hard reject ..I NEED FEEDBACK .

Hello guys,
My first item got rejected two times. so, please i need a clean feedback from you to improve it.
thanks for helping :slight_smile:

With respect this is nowhere near the standard for here -

  • just about every design basic is fundamentally wrong esp. typography, hierarchy, spacing etc

  • there is nothing original or premium around the concept

  • copy/paste content is lazy and feels unfinished

You need to forget all about thi one and spend some time understanding the standards and expectation of popular items here

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I am sorry but this extremely far from quality standards. With all due respect but it looks like it was made by someone who started to learn web design just very recently. You need to have several years of experience to be ready to submit something on ThemeForest. You need to practice a lot and after few years (or extremely dedicated months) try again. Otherwise you will only waste your time here, you are nowhere near ready to be submitting anything here yet.

You can start here:

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Hello sir, your links not acessible: http://magictheme.000webhostapp.com/
Can you fix it for me to check?

I’m using JSON not just copy and paste code, but I will change the content next time.
Thanks sir, I will back to standers. :grin:

The link is working for me. Try with VPN

Do you mean that I need to start learning UI/UX?

If you want to be a designer then of course you need to learn that. If you don’t want to be a designer then hire one for your future submissions. Because with your current design skills you have zero chance to be approved on ThemeForest.

“zero chance” :face_with_head_bandage: hard; However I want to be full-stack dev. , so I will start UI/UX soon. Thanks :green_heart:

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If you want to be a developer then forget about design and focus on development. It is much better to master one of this skills rather than do both but poorly. I mean learning some UI/UX stuff won’t hurt, but if your passion is coding then just code.

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For your first attempt at this, there is promise here but I agree with the others it will take some time to hone your craft so keep putting in the work. Stay positive, always take constructive criticism as a teaching aid and never get discouraged. I think you should take some time to figure out what you really love to do first. Whether it be designing or developing. Master the core concepts there before branching out into other realms. All good things come from those who put in the work. “Rejection” is just evidence that you have more work to do and the “reason” is the data that you need to apply to your skills. Good luck my man.


Thanks bro :green_heart:

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