Hard Rejected. Feedback is much needed.


Can someone in the know have a look at the demo and highlight my weaknesses? I’m prepared to be wrong.

As the saying goes “Failure isn’t fatal, but failure to change might be” so your feedback is very much appreciated.

Thanks everyone :wink:

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I truly like how you made the landing Page For exposing your items, something new finally, I like It. Anyway, talking about the demo, Is a good starting point, but It Is a very basic. The design Is not bad, and the general idea also Is ok, but I think you still have to work on it a lot, For example:

. The testimonial section is very basic, not at the standards

. the section where you have putted Company logos, Is very basic

. The map section at the bottom of the site Is It’s like it’s just thrown there , nothing special (and also a Little bit ugly)

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Keep working on It, give to It a fresh new look, I Hope For you the best!

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Thanks for the input. Appreciate it!