How to create acceptable/aprovable templates/themes?

Hi, I am new here, can someone please teach/train me how to create aprovable templates/or can someone please give me links to good tutorials that I can apply to create templates for themeforest?

Can someone guide me through please?

I have no ideea where to start from, I know the basics in html and css and a bit of photoshop and php
What tools should I use?



No one can /will teach you to design or develop for here.

Assuming you focus attention on high quality and original design, best practice structure and coding then you have a good chance of being approved.

If you are at a relatively basic level then take a decent amount of time to understand the attention to detail, quality and versatility required for approval here.

The single worst things you can do is either focus too much on earnings (it takes time) and/or rush to try and complete something.

Also read this blog A Customer's Guide to What Makes or Breaks Items

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Thank you for your reply, is it better to create wordpress theme/ normal html website or photoshop website? for the beggining I mean.

Thank you

Whatever you are most confident with.

WP or HTML will always sell more (Assuming quality design and build) but don’t be fooled into thinking PSDs or emails etc. are easier just because hey are simpler or smaller - if anything this makes them even harder to get approved

Thank you for your reply, where would you suggest I would have greater chances of approval for beggining HTML websites or Wordpress WP themes?

I couldn’t tell you - only you know your skills and standard. You simply need to focus on whichever category you are most confident working with

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Thank you, I am just a begginer, I am just at the beggining and want to learn so, which one should be easier to take up/to learn for a begginer HTML OR WP?

Thank you

Bear in mind this is a premium marketplace for pros. There’s no “courses” for developing envato files because there is an assumed expertise if someone wants to sell here.

There’s some good general courses on tuts+ and Google will find tonnes but still with respect people who require those quite basic courses are a long long way off being an author here.

HTML templates will be easier than WP but also you have to consider the other stuff that you will need to know e.g. CSS, JS etc.

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@ahmedmashjohn I suggest you these tutorials and . This youtuber is exmplayning everything on his tutorials and helped me also to learn PHP and OOP PHP. It won’t really teach you how to create (design) beautifull websites but will help you to start. To create good (beautifull) websites/templates you need creativity…