A Customer's Guide to What Makes or Breaks Items



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Creating files for Envato is a part-time hobby for some and a full-time job for others. But one thing that unifies all Authors is the desire to achieve greatness and unearth the full potential of one’s items.

Now, let me first begin by disclaiming and indeed emphasizing that there is no one-size-fits-all method of success. However, having had the privilege to work with various Authors and get a glimpse behind the scenes to see what works for them, I feel this guide to what makes or breaks items can be useful to a lot of people on the marketplace.

Take your time

The first thing to acknowledge is that premium quality products take time. Rome wasn’t built in a day and nor was Avada! Rushing to quickly create something and start earning can sometimes lead to careless mistakes, lower quality items and long term damage to your portfolio. Give yourself enough time to not only create high quality items, but also to sit on it for a day or even a week, ensuring you can look at it with fresh eyes and spot any mistakes before you submit it for review.

Be prepared to commit

Success does not stop at approval. It’s an ongoing process to build an experience around using a file that leads to recognition and sales longevity. If an Author more or less gives up on their file once it reaches the marketplace buyers will sense that lack of interest or pride in their work. Think about the full experience, from them purchasing the item to them needing to work out how to use it, and tailor things around that.

Attention to detail

It’s exciting when you’ve finished creating an item and you’re on the cusp of hitting the submit button, but it pays to take the time to double check everything and get external feedback. The finer details are what set great files apart, so hold off pressing the submit button and sleep on it. Then with fresh eyes look it over once or twice more before you submit.

Favor quality over quantity

Every element needs a purpose as elaborate, over the top or unnecessary features are more likely to cause confusion. Think of it like Lego – a million different bricks are useless if they don’t come together to make a model.

Try to think beyond quick earnings

Authors must have a degree of passion in order to create. Envato offers a unique opportunity for people to earn from what they enjoy doing, but Authors have to prove themselves and the quality of their work in order to succeed. If quick earnings were the best way to succeed on the marketplace, then everyone would be an Envato Elite.

It’s a unique skill-set

Creating items for stock marketplaces is a niche skill and is intended for professionals. While it’s great to see new Authors join and start on the path to development, there is no substitute for experience. But, at the same time you only get experience by learning and putting those lessons to the test. Keep learning and trying to submit stuff, but don’t get discouraged if things don’t come together as quick as you’d hoped. It can take a while to get it right.

Think like a buyer and know your audience

Understand that no two buyers are the same. There are two basic types of buyers - those who know what they want and how they plan to use it, and those who don’t and need to be told why they need your file. The best Authors cater to both. With effective titling of items and descriptions you can optimize the SEO of your items, and with engaging imagery and content you can help convince those who don’t know they need your file that they do.

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Reviewers are not your enemy

It’s human nature to be disappointed by rejection, but reviewers are crucial in protecting the quality and quantity that distinguishes Envato, preventing the catastrophic potential of excessive leniency, Remember, reviewers are actually experts in their field and their extensive knowledge of Envato’s marketplaces is a great opportunity to improve and sell more long term.

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It goes without saying that for all the good there will always be the bad. There will inevitably be times when things go against you. There will be buyers who try your patience, reviews you feel are unfair and more. But, if you rise above all of this you have an opportunity to be part of something great.

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