Items quality

Hello Envato.

I’m interested in some issues.
Creating an item that would satisfy me completely, takes 40-60 hours. Okay.
While I was having some fun with the item, someone puts a dozen similar works with low quality. Okay.
I can lower the quality. Oops, reject. (Thanks for reject – it was bad idea)
I like to do my items but i do not understand your policy. How and why? In this scenario, my portfolio will be fun for me, but will not be a serious matter. Is it only my problem?

You can share a link to a demo here if you want feedback.

Reviewers treat everyone equally and generally do not approve ‘low quality items’.

Even the biggest and best authors get rejected but the secret is to accept this and learn from it to improve the item

Reject is not the topic’s theme.
Try to type in search field “certificate” on graphicriver and compare results with this link: