Cant understand the "random" approve process [question in the end]

I am a 4+ years experienced author on Envato. I have a lot of sales, and elements income in past years and i got over 250+ items on both sides. (you can imagine the work i put on past years like every experienced author here). But lately i was given up on Envato because of the unfair approve process. So anyway i decided to give another shot last week. I uploaded a 5-6 flyers on both platforms (EE , GR). But i got many rejections. So It is okay to be get rejected for me, i got many many rejections in the past. But there is a catch. If you go and search for “party flyer” on GR, you can see some designs are really bad, typos all over the places, color choices awful, and got no sales either, but those are approved and still on. So I know my values and my skills. I am selling digital products on many platforms not just Envato, I am a creator for over a good enough time to see and know what is good what is bad and which one to sell and which is not.

So the question is do you guys do your reviews with rolling a dice? thanks for everyone’s time


Some/most of them could be an item from an older times or the time when they hired “bad apple” reviewer but I understand your point even from 2015s.

Don’t give up and keep trying…

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I dont know how they review the items. Sometimes the avarage is 5 days and most of all the items are rejected within 10 minutes.
Im allready done with this marketplace.
Dont upload anymore here because the rejections will be frustrates and demotivates you.
There were very good and honest reviewers till 3-4 years ago.
Now its all about quantity and no quality.


Do you mind to share some of the items you uploaded/rejected?

please check your direct messages, i don’t want to share it on here, because i am planning to sell those on other platforms, thanks

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Hi @Brejoa , I am in same situation, 13 items got rejected in row. Recently I have uploaded 5 item and within 10 minutes all got rejected. How they reviewed 5 items in 10 minutes? I too planning to sell them on other platform.

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If you’re issue is that most of your items are getting rejected, how is it logical to dismiss Envato as being ‘all about quantity and no quality’? If that was the case, surely they would be approving most of your items within 10 minutes?

You gave my thoughts words, to be honest.