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I haven’t uploaded an item for about 5 years now as it’s just so difficult to get something approved and when something is rejected there isn’t any reason as to why which is frustrating.

Anyway, does anyone know why this could have been rejected?

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i am in your same situation. Come back working here after 5/6 years and got 1 approval on more then 10 items uploaded. Be patience and keep going.

Wish you the best luck.


Thanks, I just wish we could get a reason as to why it’s rejected as it makes it hard to understand what is required plus it would stop all these forum posts.

I don’t know if I can be bothered to keep uploading stuff that I have spent hours on to get rejected. I’ve already had 2 files rejected within a week.

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I understand you very well, also because as I told you I am in the same situation.

But what I can tell you, if I’m allowed, is that giving up is definitely not an answer.
I had to do it years ago for personal problems and this is what bothers me the most at the moment.

Keep working and show your real interest to be part of this community. For us who have left a few years pending it is even more difficult to prove it, but not impossible.

Wish you the best luck.


I am frustrated too, a couple of years ago my flyers been approved a lot, and now al lot of rejected without any valuable feedback.
Envato don’t care about the authors only about the money.
The flyers that been approved now a multiple colors and very busy flyers with no concept,
I decided to sell my stuff on other market places without this frustrating review proces and close my account after 7 years.
Envato is no fun anymore to design items for cause you get rejected, rejected, rejected.


Yeah that’s the problem, no valuable feedback. It’s just sorry it’s been rejected and you can’t upload it anymore. If they really cared and wanted us on their marketplace they would be happy to give us reasons as to why the item gets rejected.

I’m part of another site (not to do with selling flyers) and when we review things we give a reason as to why it’s rejected.

Are you doing well on the other marketplaces? If possible, would be able to PM me what ones you are using please.


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hi u have a good deal of things to deal with … no tonlyis the global style quite simple but is also inspiring a deja vu feeling indeed. When u have a closer look at what u have at the moment, well there is not so much graphic design here … the main zip file will be limited to a few circular striped shapes, some collection of squared , block texts, a bullet and this is it … for me, if I were supposed to buy a flyer that would not make feel really excited and it would look too light … most of the people buying will either try to save some time out of buying an item rather than doing it on their own or would buy so that they can offer graphic design skills and content belying their personal capacities , so to speak and this is not what happens here in my opinion. I addition, there is a rather raw finition right now … introducing shadows behind the model would help to make the flyer look more worked out and realistic , too. Trying to add something in the orange part ioin the back of the model would also add some additional valued, too. The spacing in the footer area is not arranged well and there is too much data in what looks somehow some way as the same block , in my view. For branding matters, the club top there makes very little sense, is not being outstanding and valued enough , your potential will feel like having his / her club valued, very identifiable and remembered and here u are indeed violating the contrast basic design principle. Actually ,the result is that u are having addition troubles brought to the table in terms of readability, hierarchy. there is also a disconnection between the upper and lower part of the flyer when it comes to occupation … this looks rather crammed in the upper part while this looks sort of empty in the lower one and in both the space is not equally used which breeds so disharmony organization wise


Thanks for the feedback.

What I don’t get is I have very similar flyers that have been approved, if anything this one is more complicated than some.

There is something in the orange section behind the model, the circle texture around the orange circle is there.

I’m just not sure what needs to be done as I feel you have to make sure everything can be editable and not constricted into a specific shape. It would make things so much easier if the review team would tell us what they do and don’t like. Doing this would bring so many more artists back to GR and mean more money for them.

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if there is but this cannot be seen , I guess u will identify that this is of no use, right? if u really have then, just make it transpire more :slight_smile:
as fro similar things being accepted, I do not know … this is possible but this does not mean that the concerned items are good anyways and what u should be interested in is your own production indeed, if u cam identify what is not so well in what u do and adjust then u will take your global game to the next level,whcih is what really matters …
to further comment what u mention , it looks like u clearly did not get it … they do not need to bring back so many of authors when they have a lot already … and that sales are not growing at the same space to say the least (even more by covid time by the way) , plus if u consider that this type of item being accepted would bring back “artists” I guess that we do not have the same notion of what an artist is … this type of flyer is notary , this is not even really solid design as this keeps being quite simple ,honestly , I assume that if the design was really great it would have been making it, even if I guess there are probably matters of style interfering sometimes

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I’ll try and rework it and see if I can get it approved, if after that I fail… I’ll probably give up with GR.

I understand your frustration , though , no matter what happens, rejection or not, u should not give up … this is something difficult too deal with as any rejection is hurting when we feel like we took some time, did our best but this is also good to push u forward by trying to really get to the next level, on the longer run this will pay off, I have no doubt in my mind about this. If u simply give up , well , u may get a few ridiculous bucks from some other places - they are all ridiculous for sales anyways … - but u will not have anything to force u into giving the very best of yourself so that u improve gamely on time … now this is just my point of view , the point of view of a senior designer who has experienced all the hardships that this industry has in store for designers who tells u, u do not have to follow what what I am saying or even believe it if u do not want to, this will be your decision , I just try to give u another point of view


You’re right, I was probably just frustrated about the rejections. I’ll keep trying :slight_smile:

i was frustrated too, but keep on practice, yesterday 3 of 4 flyers been approved. :slight_smile:


Great job! I’ll keep going :slight_smile:

:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

I completely changed most of the flyer and spent a lot of time reworking it and making it better but I still get rejected without any explanation. That’s the most frustrating part of this, you don’t get any reasoning as to why it’s not acceptable for the Envato marketplace.

Is there anything else I can do to make this better? What would everyone change?

It is not bad. I think that with some aesthetic and (above all) typographic retouching it would become more impressive.

But if I can afford to give you some advice, when an item is rejected, don’t waste time tweaking. Rather focus on doing something fresh, new and impressive.

The rejected one isnt loose as you can always sell on other platforms.

Don’t give up

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Thanks for the advice. When you say aesthetic and typography, could you let me know what you mean if possible?

I pretty much completely changed this flyer rather than tweaking it. I only know of one other marketplace, they rejected my application - said my work isn’t good enough.

You know, graphic tastes are purely subjective, but there are some elements that are the basic standard, such as the typographic choice, the right use of colors, the good arrangement of margins and white spaces and the correct composition of the overall design that gives it a aspect that can be impressive, while maintaining clarity and legibility.

Try taking a look at the latest design trends. I tell you this because your flyer is beautiful, but it has an aspect that (to me) is very reminiscent of the trends used a decade ago. Still a nice flyer, I like it.

I didn’t use many colours in the flyer as I was going for a black and white theme, maybe I should scrap that idea and change it to something else instead.

I notice that the latest flyers that have been uploaded to this site all seem to be the same so I wanted to stay away from the big titles copied multiple times and the torn paper effect at the bottom… if that is what it takes to get stuff approved now, I could give it a try.

I think this idea will just have to be scrapped and deleted as it’s clearly not going to be accepted no matter what I do.