My item isn't at the quality standard


I’m a graphic designer by trade. I’ve just setup as an author here on Envato and uploaded my first graphic this evening. I’ve just received an email informing me that it’s been rejected due to not meeting the quality standard required to move forward.

My question is this; does this mean my artwork doesn’t meet the taste of the person reviewing the file, or does the issue relate to technical file spec (dimensions / file types etc)? It would be helpful if they gave more information here. If it’s because my work is not considered good enough for them, then I shall not be bothering to oblige their anticipation in “hoping to see a new submission soon” only to be told to p155 off!

I have to say, I found it initially offensive, as the artwork is professionally produced and certainly of a calibre similar to other artists work here.

Anyway, the email suggested I tap up the many experienced authors here, so here I am.

Can anybody offer me some useful advice on this subject? I’d very much like to get my stuff on the site!

Many thanks in advance.

You should share an example of what you submitted here for feedback.

Reviewers are chosen for their expertise in each field as well as their knowledge of what works/sells in the marketplace. Generally speaking if an item abides by best practices and is of professional standard then it will be approved. Remember that creating work for a stock marketplace is not necessarily the same as doing it in the traditional sense - there needs to be a balance of quality, uniqueness, versatility etc.

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Hey, Charlie

Thanks for your feedback. It all makes perfect sense, and I see it in a slightly different way having considered what you’ve said.

It’s a good thing that there are such standards, after all, it keeps the site content honed and varied and prevents customers from having to wade through endless pages of the same stuff!

I think I’ll have another look through the site and get my thinking cap on.

Kind regards