Reduce your item rejections

Getting items rejected is never fun. I know, I’ve had many :sweat_smile: @Kristinbrodie recently put together a helpful article on the Author Hub to help avoid some pitfalls and help understand the review process better - Understanding Item Rejection

Do you have any tips for getting items accepted? Please share!


Do not copy other creators’ designs. For about 2 years on Envato, it’s easiest to publish a project that you came up with yourself. Inspiration is of course recommended, but only as a tool to create something new → I call it a hybrid (i.e. combining the advantages of several projects into one new project with a large admixture of your own idea).

Unofficially, I’ll say it this way → the strangest idea that comes to your mind, if it is technically (graphically) well developed, will be accepted very quickly.

Very often there are complaints on the forum that someone’s project has been rejected - often they are very nice projects → but if there are already a lot of them on Envato, unfortunately there is a good chance that it will be rejected.

To sum up → something new + well developed = approval.

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The article looks like the fancy way to re-do of these instructions, most of the design rejection ( for GR/TH/CC, I can talk about it ) It’s the design ( not unique, lack of details or too similar to the items already on the marketplace )

I can’t agree on this. ( Again for GR/TF/CC )

ok… less often :slight_smile: but sometimes there are nice designs rejected - mostly because there is 10000000 of them already on the market.

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Yeah I hear that. More of the same rarely stands out :grin: