First submission - Feedback



Hi there,

Yesterday we uploaded our first WordPress theme to ThemeForest. However, since the waiting queues are quite long, we were wondering what others think of our theme.

Demo URL:



Footer needs a lot of work - having just 2 widgets all bunched to the left seems unusual

Generally fundamentals like typography and margins need attention esp in pricing tables and some gaps around edges of elements and images

You probably need a little more structure and hierarchy e.g. pages like about and not try to cram so much into the home page which doe snot really lead to anything in the rest of the file.

distinguish portfolio sidebar details more - right now it just feels like a standard text widget and lack prominence

No contact page?

Generally you need to pay a bit more attention to detail and refinement in the design


Yeah, I think the footer is a bit sparse. The last module (directly above the footer) seems a bit text-heavy as well. Maybe an image in the computer screen would help, or you can add a contact us page like Charlie says, with a big map and a contact box or something… that would help.

A couple of the images are a bit pixelated, worth sorting those so everything is tip top. The bit with the dog seems all wrong to me. I was expecting the charts to animate and they didn’t… maybe go with standard images instead. And as the bottom left image has a white background it seems to blend into the rest of the section making it look a bit untidy. Plus the text on the left seems out of place as it doesn’t match the amount of space the images take up… but if you do add a bunch of text to compensate, then it;s going to be very text heavy. maybe best to rethink that part slightly.

Apart from that, I think it’s looking pretty good.

Be aware that I don’t make or sell Wordpress themes, I just look at them a lot, and occasionally fumble about installing them… so always consult a doctor before following my advise.


Thanks for your constructive feedback!


Apart from what @charlie4282 and @SpaceStockFootage said you need to work more on the UX of theme. I website should create and atmosphere and their are many things needs to be fixed before it goes live.

Sorry if I am being to harsh but that is something I feel about your website as an normal visitor. Good Luck :smile:


Hi @KenulJain,

Thank you for your feedback!
What UX issues did you notice exactly?