Still need Feedback and or help on my wordpress theme



I still need feedback for my design. any more help is very much appreciated.

demo link is


It has so many revisions to go through, first of all typography they are not consistent in many places.Parts of the UI are not proportional to others. I don’t even now what’s the purpose of those icons (wordpress, html5 etc) in the footer. Try using padding properly. Coming to the menus they are not properly implemented as when hovered child elements also have the hover effect. The quick read didn’t respond properly as intended . And on the staff page you have another way of saying it as continue reading. You have to be consistent in this, either use “Read more” or “Continue reading”. In contact page you have P.O. box California and in header its Kampala.

Use the icons which match is design style as of Facebook its not encircled while Pinterest is that’s the point of consistency i was talking about.

Even though the its purpose is to give a demo of what your theme can do. Its what turns your sales up. So present some content which seems some what related content.

Go through it many times , you will find a way through , I too was in this stage when nothing seemed wrong to me. Try looking at some themes which are doing well at the themes which are doing pretty well, look at the little details they finish up to. Try looking at my Pinterest board I created for myself in order to get some inspiration

Really looking forward for further enhanced works from you! :relaxed:
Good Day! :blush:


thanks very much.let me work on those.


long way to go bro ! dont want to offend, but would you buy this design if you will have to develop a website for a client who wants a trendy design ? you have to make it look premium, text should be readable and should match well with overall face of the design, use images with good resolution and only use stock images, besides that follow some top trending themes in terms of page skeleton.


Let me share some advice from my own experience. No matter how much you try, if you aren’t a designer you won’t be able to come up with a great trendy design. Trust me - hire one, and redo the design bro. Then code on it.