Need Feedback for my item



I need any feed and or help to make my wordpress theme better. item is at


looking great already :smiley:


apparently not great enough for themeforest. it was stil rejected.


mix of outdated and modern design. colors,typo, spacing, contrast need work.
Long way to go


so it must be the code


Please don’t mind, your are trying hard, but the design is not ready yet for Themeforest, cause 1. Typography 2. Padding & Margin 3. colors & overall design quality. no need to work hard, just focus on the point & try to solve. Best of luck. :slight_smile:


Like @theonetheme said above you need aesthetics. The best solution would be to hire a designer as he’ll take care of everything. Good luck.


Thanks everyone for your wise wisdom. i will work on those and try again.