Please give me some feedback for my new theme design....

Hello guys! I am working on my wp new theme and I need a feedback from you about the design.
Here is a demo preview:jpg file.
Do I have change to be approved on ThemeForest?
Thanks you for your suggestions!

It’s great you want feedback during your design process! Very smart!

The design is not ready yet. The typography needs more work:

  • attention to detail! Menu items do not have consistent spacing. They also feel very squashed.
  • logo needs work! There is basically none.
  • headline - doesn’t feel right with both lines uppercase, same colour and so big.
  • post content - it’s somehow not good with the small space at the start and those two paragraphs seem too much = bad readability
  • the elements of post content are not aligned properly
  • footer is boring
  • the whole design is too plain for a blog template, it needs originality, ideas!

Good luck! Keep designing!

Thank you for feedback!

There is not really enough to go on to give serious feedback.

  • While adding more to it will potentially solve the problem - right now it looks very ‘freebie’

  • Comments from @Darinka are spot on es. the footer/logo/titles

  • Issues with other basics in particular type, spacing and alignment

  • Whats the white box to the left of the first post?

  • Whats the white box at the bottom of the posts above the footer?

  • The personal profile pic in the middle at the top feels quite lost and has too much lower padding

You should evolve the design in much more detail then feedback will be more beneficial

Whats the white box to the left of the first post?

  • i want to eliminate the quotes and replace it with a bar…
    Whats the white box at the bottom of the posts above the footer?
  • is the space for pagination

Thank you for the feedback!

This is minimal…is just a simple personal blog…I saw many simple themes get approved on TF…how it is possible?
I understand the typography and the spacing are not ok but the design itself why is not so good???..

One thing to consider is that PSDs are probably the hardest category of all to be approved in.

  • Designs have to be flawless and pixel perfect
  • The design itself needs to be unique, modern, and refined (this is even harder to ahcieve with minimal designs)
  • There has to visible value in someone buying it to be coded up (that’s what gives it premium apepal)

You are right there are some very minimal blogs for sale but far less of these are PSDs, and even less are PSDs that were released recently

It’s not bad design but there are lot of basics which need improvement and you need more too it (even when minimal) e.g. about, author, contact, full set of post types, category, alternative home, post pages etc. which will make
A) much easier to give more valuable feedback and
B) make a huge difference to the standard of the file

Ok…Thank you…I want to make a html and wordpress template…I am not interested in PDS Templates…Thanks you again!

The link is not working, but i always prefer to start developing the html version and get approval for that first then after that we will do the Wordpress version, at least i have made 60 -70% of the work and approval chances are greater than converting directly from psd to WP