Soft rejected WP theme based on my html template approved on themeforest

Hi guys , i need some feedback about a wordpress theme , this wordpress theme have already an approved html template

Html template :

Demo of rejected wordpress theme :

message of reviewer : Unfortunately your submission PULSE - Academic / Personal Vcard Wordpress theme isn’t quite ready for ThemeForest. Here’s some feedback from our Review team on why it couldn’t be accepted.

Unfortunately ‘WordPress’ has higher standards in terms of aesthetics. An approved design in other categories does not guarantee an approval under ThemeForest’s WordPress category. Your design has an interesting starting concept, but it needs significant improvements in terms of aesthetics and attention to details.

As higher quality items become available in the marketplace, approval requirements will increase to maintain appropriate marketplace quality.

While I’d be able to provide feedback as to how to get this approved, I can only do after it has crossed a certain threshold, quality wise. I’m sorry to say this isn’t there yet

Best regards

Your links not working.

it’s working now

It’s a nice project. But compared with many other WordPress themes it’s pretty weak. Add more functions. Good Luck !

But the reviewer talk just about design , i need advice about design . and what do you mean about weak can you explain more please

Yep, that just happened to me. I also have a HTML approved that didn’t make it to WP. I like your design, it stands out to me. Darn, the design standards for WP category are really high these days…

and what you did it for your theme to be approved?
have you some advice for me ?

Still in the review with a 3rd soft reject… I wish I could give you a good advice, but right now I am as stuck as you…

Just one thing maybe… your design seems to me a bit gray-ish, I would lighten it up. But other than that, I really really like it!

thanks for your support and good luck to you too :smiley:

Try to use more unique iconic font, FontAwesome (or whatever you are using) is kinda boring nowadays. I can recommend to build your own on

Use more interesting Lorem Ipsum, ideally some real text from Wikipedia

Horizontal arrow navigation is not intuitive enough, it took me a while to find those arrows. Put them to bottom right corner

Try to get some more unique demo images, those you are using can’t be more generic

I would say you have a solid item here, you just need to work on details to make it stand out. Take a break and come back after few days and you should see what can be improved.

thanks a lot for your valuable advice , it will be very helpful for me :blush:

thanks a lot for your advice :slight_smile:

Hi darinka .
what’s new about your theme , it’s approved now ?
if yes what you did it for it to be approved?
me each time i get feedback from a different reviewer , not same reviewer :confused:

Yes, it is approved and selling now. I am very happy about it. Finally!

I was soft-rejected 3 or 4 times based on design by a different reviewer. My HTML convert of the Airy template kept getting the “this is not good enough for WordPress category” message. Then I got it - it will never be approved! I decided to do a drastic change to its design and function. I knew I need to step it up.

I chose the most beautiful fonts I found on TypeKit - used those. I learnt how to do smooth animations with velocity. I chose best photographs from Unsplash and from a stock bank. Basically I created a completely new design. It finally got approved, after 3 months!

I am actually happy this happened. I learnt so much and updated my design process. Now I feel like I can spit out a new theme in no time (I will actually see about that :smiley:). So… that’s the story.