Theme soft rejected, whats wrong

I got the following message on a wordpress theme we created

1 Design is not aesthetically pleasing.

More info:

  1. Usability is pretty poor.

More info:

Though HTML is already approved, Im not sure what should i improve in terms of design

Please help me to improve it or if anyone who can make this ready for me on a fix price, Im open to it

Cool but there are some issues that i noticed

  • homepage slider there is some weird flashing happening when the slides are changing.

  • the thumbs should be in the center, also the nav arrows are kinda out of place and same with the nav button.

  • About us page is too simple not much happening there.

  • Our team i mean why only half of the page? The team section is too craped up needs some breathing space.

  • portfolio section images are distorted, also the lightbox popup the image on top is distorted does not look good

  • Blog pages have spacing issues, text overlapping…

  • sample page looks un finished and contact section not aligned.

I mean also the background pattern is maybe a bit much maybe soften it or use a different pattern thats not so rough.

i hope this helps