Consultancy Wordpress Theme



Dear All,

We are creating a new theme for Consultancy/advisory purposes, Before submitting it to Theme-forest we want to take your feedback first so our theme wont get rejected, We also have all pages PSDs with our theme.


Your help will really be appreciated and we will be very thankful to you.

Many Thanks


Unfortunately, this has no chance to be approved. It doesn’t look premium enough. Logo is very amateurish, layout can’t be more generic and you are missing attention to details:

  1. this “Agugiut fyutfynh guhuh” texts under slider looks very weird
  2. why is third image in Recent News section higher than others?
  3. calendar in footer should be styled
  4. white separators in Our Timings in footer don’t look good

Those were just most obvious ones, but I would say start from scratch and try to do something at least more unique.

Overall, you need to spend more time improving your skills before you try to submit something here. Check out some recent top items, get some inspiration from Dribbble and similar sites and work hard.


Ok sir i see, and yes now we will improve these things now.and can you explain please about" layout can’t be more generic" ? If you elaborate this we will be very thankful to you.

And Many Thanks for your precious feedback :smile:

Kind Regards