Check and review new theme for themeforest

Hi there, we’re little company from Ukraine.
We made new theme for themeforest. Can you check it and write your recommendation: how we can improve it before adding to themeforest.

Your reviews & recommendation very important for us.
Thank for all and have a nice day.

Our theme demo:

As for now, that 100% won’t be approved. There are many issues with it.

Let’s start right with the first section - “Digital Agency WildWeb”:
Why the title is not aligned with the text? Text has low line height. Overall typography is not good enough for something which should catch your eye since it is a very first thing visitors see. Also on the code side, why did you created it via RevSlider plugin, if it is obviously not a slider? You’ve created a non semantic HTML without a reason.

Next section - “Our Services”:
Title style is uninspired, the dotted border looks horrible. The services themselves look uninspired as well, with not very nice icons and button style which doesn’t match the design at all.

I can go on and on, but there is no point, you need to start over, don’t waste time on this anymore.

The first thing you should do is to seriously improve your design game as it is currently FAR beyond current standards. Only once you nail that down, you can start thinking about converting it to WP. Otherwise you are just putting a lot of time into it for nothing.
You can 100% scratch this one, don’t try to polish it, it is a waste of time. But don’t move beyond the design stage until you will be 100% certain you have something good.

My first WP theme was exactly like this as well, with the difference that I submitted it before I asked for feedback, so I know this may be heartbreaking. But you can’t be discouraged by initial failures if you want to succeed, it is part of the journey.

Feel free to submit it anyway if you want to have it official, but I bet this will be a hard reject.


Also, very important, try to create something more unique layout-wise, because this style is already HEAVILY overdone. Even if you’ve nailed the design, there are already hundreds if not thousands themes with same layout and features. Doing another multipurpose / creative theme with the same old layout is total waste of time, design quality aside. You should spend some time browsing the marketplace and familiarize yourself with current offer and what you think is missing from it. Don’t get inspiration from bestsellers which were created ten years ago.


Hi Mate,

Appreciate the work done.

Totally agree with @LSVRthemes

You need to improve lot buddy. Please look at the new arrivals. You will get a cleat picture


Thank you very much, we did some changes at home page using your recommendation - How it’s look like?

I have a question about themes, for example two new themes in marketing - I like it, but there is too many animation, realy it’s not usufull in live - google page speed give F or I don’t need think about it?
and or - looks like terrible for me, how this one was added?

1.) It is naive to think you can improve your design significantly in the matter of few hours, I really meant it when I said you should scratch it and start over.

2.) Both of those themes you’ve shared look MUCH better than yours, if you don’t see it, then your eyes are simply not experienced enough and that is something which can be only learned in time, by following the top design and practicing. I am not talking about speed or any other technical stuff. All these can be improved by updates etc, but without great design, you won’t even be approved. Right now you are blind to your own design and don’t really see any faults there and it is completely normal when starting out. Being critical to your own work is something which has to be learned as well. And you have to learn it to improve.

3.) Pointing fingers at other items like “those are worse than mine, so why mine was not approved as well?” is completely wrong mindset. First, again, those items are not worse at all, quite the opposite, but even if they were, your goal should be to compete against the best not the worst ones.

What you need is to realize that your item is just not good. I know it is hard for your ego, we all experienced that, but without acknowledging your fails, you will never improve. Once you go through that (and it can easily take even few days to clean your mind to see it), take a look at some recent bestsellers here on ThemeForest and some top designs at sites like Dribbble or Behance. Try to also read some articles on modern web design and then, once ready, just start from scratch. It is more than likely that your next design still won’t be good enough, but I am sure it will be at least better than this and if you will see this jump in quality yourself, that is a great motivation to push even further. Always try to improve yourself and it will be only matter of time till you will be ready to create something ThemeForest worthy. It can take months, it can take years. It’s different for every person. But it always starts with realizing that I am not good enough and I must put more effort to become better at this.

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