≫ I will be happy to receive your opinions of my WordPress theme 🙂

I put you in context: This topic try to publish 2 kisses. The first time they rejected me in a filming way, but thanks to the forum community, this second time it was not so serious.

The email says that: ‘WordPress’ has higher standards in terms of aesthetics.

So I want to know that I can improve or add.

Link of the demos of the theme: https://demo.weblowcosts.com/

I will be happy to receive your comment :raised_hands:

You need to update your design with some uniqueness and aesthetics cause envato market accepting more higher quality item for wordpress platform.

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Thank you very much for answering Unlockdesign. What do you recommend that I add to it? :slightly_smiling_face:

Stop creating multiple threads about the same topic, it will get you banned.

I’ve already gave you feedback almost four months ago about the same template, but it seems you’ve barely made any progress. I mean you can’t expect a different outcome if you barely changed anything.

Whole design looks very outdated. You are at least five years too late with stuff like this. Take a look at some bestseller items approved in the last year here on ThemeForest as well as some inspirational sites like Dribbble and let it sink in before you start with something new.

You should also use English language exclusively for your demo site, try to come up with some actual logo, improve your spacing awareness and overall attention to details.

Just one small example out of many: “Nuestras Estadísticas” section - why there is such a small space between the indicators column and the image column? Why there is a big spaces under those indicators? Wouldn’t it be better to rather use smaller image? Labelling those indicatros “Texto 1” to “Texto 4” is super lazy, try to make it look like an actual websites with some actual information. And this is just one section, I can pinpoint similar issues in every section.

There is IMHO no point of trying to improve this template, better start over and try to create much more unique and higher quality design.


Hi LSVRthemes thanks for replying again. I followed the advice I gave myself the other time and ThemeForest sent me a less strong email.

I am going to do what you are telling me here (at my speed because I also have other projects). What if I am not going to do is change the language because it is the differential factor, I do not know if it works for me, but I want to try it.

Again thank you very much LSVRthemes for the help :heart:

If someone else wants to give their opinion they can do it, it doesn’t matter to me if the criticism is strong.

Having a demo in English is a requirement not a choice as far as I know. I was not able to find an official article on that so I may not be 100% right, but don’t be surprised if you will be rejected for that in the future (item title, item description and documentation has to be 100% in English though).

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  • The language is definitely a problem and it should be in English or Lorum Ipsum

  • With respect this is miles off the standard and @LSVRthemes is entirely right about it being better to start afresh.

  • The design basics e.g. typography, hierarchy, styling, spacing all need work

  • There are places/pages where things are broken

  • Copy and paste content is lazy and feels unfinished as well as dragging the quality down

  • A great deal of styling throughout feels like standard off the shelf look and feel

  • There are multiple demos but they are basically the same things with different wording and images - if you are going to have themed demos then they need to be significantly different and distinguished by features and functionality as well as design


Hi Charlie4282 thanks for also writing :raised_hands:

If they do not let me upload the topic in Spanish, I better distribute it on my own (Because it is the differential factor)

I’m worried about what you say about the broken pages and about copying and pasting content. Can you tell me what area you are in, I would really appreciate it. :smile:

Layout broken (on both category pages) https://demo.weblowcosts.com/theme-1/categoría-del-portafolio/tipo-1/

Services and post content copy/pasted https://demo.weblowcosts.com/theme-1/

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Thanks Charlie4282 I had not realized I will fix it. I’m also going to see if I can think of something to make the text not so generic.

** it is an honor that so many experts look at my theme.**

As for the hierarchy, style and spacing, for this I use the law of the golden ratio. You can see it in this image:

What do you use?

That spacing is not bad but there are a ton of aspects throughout the site where there are problems:

Again these are just some examples of a whole lot of issues. You also need to be looking at having multiple variations of each page, layout, different post types, different project types etc. to add premium value

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Ready I already understood you charlie4282. I will do everything in time :smiley:

The fonts because they are wrong? All the shots of Google, which have high levels of quality, and have a wide family.

The size I also chose from the golden ratio.

And people can choose from a wide list (each with their own personality).

I would be very grateful if you help me with this too :raised_hands: