How can i approve my wordpress theme over themeforest.

hello guys! I am uploading my wordpress theme over themeforest, previous experience was very bad. how can i get approval for my wordpress theme.

Look my theme preview and let me know.

Sorry but your design is far from ThemeForest standards. It looks like an ok free theme. But you need to come with something much more premium looking to be approved here. Check out some cool designs here and on sites like Dribbble and practice, practice, practice.

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Check this theme :

It’s simple but seo friendly and specially build for blogging look genesis theme

Take his answer as the only helpful tip for your development. Look at the current standard of themes, the quality of the design, the spacing, the typography, the functions, the back-end. You might have SEO your theme, but that is just one of the many boxes you need to tick.

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Sorry but @LSVRthemes is right - this is simply not ready for here.

  • Design is too basic, outdated and lacks premium feel

  • some images look stretched

  • spacing and padding issues in places

  • typography is very basic

  • lacks categories pages, posts types,

  • about page is empty and blank which looks lazy and unfinished

  • header, footer both need work

Please guys, i want your feedback suggestion how can i make it more attractive

You already got the feedback. You need to become a better designer and that takes a lot of time and a lot of effort.

Good luck in your journey!