Item - Need Your Feedback Before Upload

I just need to find out… am i 100% ready to upload my theme for the approval. Please take a look at my wordpress theme and tell me what you think.

WordPress Theme URL:

I am waiting for your valuable feedback.


Anyone who can say something… ???

hi buddy, sorry as for me i do not really low what to say, i have been misled by the category when it looks like that this item is bound for theme forest … otherwise, as for me this looks clean graphically …

As it is now, it would most likely not be approved for Themeforest. It looks good, but you need to add more page layout examples, and customize options in your demo. Take a look at some of the other themeforest themes and you’ll see how most of them have a color palet that pops up and you can change the color of the theme with one click.

Thank you for your valuable feedback. I will surely place color palet :smile:

Thanks again

Thank you for your feedback.

u are welcome, i wish i could have helped more :wink:

Hope i am not asking more… but if anyone can help me with more valuable feedback, i will be very thankful to him/her.

I like the design of your theme. Let’s hope the Envato reviewers like it too. :+1:

Thanks, i hope envato reviewers like it too.

Anyone can help me with more valuable feedback !!!

Anyone with some suggestion???

Looks like no one more to help :frowning:

As it stands it’s perfectly nice but does not stand out yet.

Move main nav (not logo) to the right

Testimonial typography is not great nor copy under counters in “something interesting”

Lose the shadow behind the logo above the footer

Made changes according to your suggestion and it looks really good. Is there anything more you like to suggest…

Thank you for your valuable time and suggestion. Thanks a lot.

Not asking more but need more suggestion please :neutral_face:

One little thing, just looking over your page very briefly.

The most disturbing thing in my eyes is the styling of the paragraph (html attribute “p”) right underneath the “h3” headings. It’s a bit tiny, increasing it by just a bit would likely make it look better :smile:

  • Also, the social icons in your footer are quiet a thing. Too chunky,
    and not well spaced.
  • The “back to top” button is not a very nice
  • “Something interesting” section doesn’t look interesting at
    all :slight_smile: The circles with just a number in look very plain!
  • Maybe “ease-in-out” on the background color when hovering over the white blocks in the “How Do You Want To Proceed?” section
  • Adjust the green hover color. It is quiet a bit dark, going into the brownish color. In addition, adjust your border color! It sticks out when hovering a green button, it’s well too bright
  • On the “forums” section, the login form in the sidebar looks pretty unstyled. Add a heading, and align it to vertically align with the top of the main section (on the left, with the forum entries).

I could go on, but I was really intending just to skip over it.

Most valuable suggestion, changed design according to your suggestion and it looked more advance and mature.

Thank you so much.

Any more suggestion??? If there is any, i love to listen.


For me its looks good and clean, the only thing is that there is nothing new, I mean you should add something special in your template so it looks unique, something new, but I love your work