Urgent: Can we purchase extended licence of plugin AFTER the themeforest theme is approved ?

I am using slider plugin and visual composer in my wordpress template. Is that fine if I purchase extented licence after approval from themeforest?

Please reply because I am worried that they may refuse my template because of that.

Thanks in advance.

I dont think the reviewers check for this but I think it would be better to ask the plugin authors if it is ok for you to do this since they own the plugins.

Have you bought the right licenses?

No. I haven’t bought right licences but I will do that just in a moment as they approves my template. So, Is that fine to do that later on?

Also Should I need to give them list of licences while submitting template for a review? All licences of Images, video and so on?

It does not really work that way. Irrelevant of if they tend to check - if you want to use them then you need them when submitting.

If you share a link to your demo then you can get advice on what else could be an issue