Extended License - Visual Composer


Hallo guys.
I’m really confused about the license terms, and english is not my native language, so the FAQ page don’t give me a perfect indication of what i can, and can not do…

My question is… If i buy the extended license pack of Visual Composer, with the purpose of using it in a Wordpress theme i am developing, and sell the final product on Themeforest, with the Visual Composer implemented.

Is that okay then?
When it’s the extended license? And the $150 is a one time figure right?

If no, what do i need to do to get the okay to implement it?

Thanks guys, any help is really appreciated! :slight_smile:


If you plan to use any plugin in a theme you want to sell on ThemeForest you need to get permission from plugin author, and buy extended license for that plugin. If you plan to use that plugin in more than one theme, one extended license is good for use in one theme only, so more themes, more licenses.


I don’t blame you. People with English as their first language who have been around for years can’t figure out the licensing.

To use a plugin from CC in a ThemeForest theme, you need permission from the author. Buying an extended license doesn’t simply allow you to use it in a theme – although earlier it did. If the author states, in their description, that you can use it in a theme if you buy an extended license, I believe it counts as permission.


FYI: http://kb.wpbakery.com/index.php?title=Visual_Composer_In_Stock_Usage


Thanks guys! That was very helpful! :slight_smile: Apparently i only need to fill out a form and the author will send me the permission by mail, after i buy the extended license of cause. :slight_smile:

Thanks !


Thanks guys for helping out! Can’t add anything new to this thread - there’s a perfect answer already :slight_smile: