extended licence !!

Hi, i am web developer , i’m developing a theme for selling it in themeforest ,
i have some questions about buying items here and licenses, i read some topics and i don’t understand , because the english isn’t my native language.
when you want to buy for example visual composer and include it in your theme, you have to buy the extended licence for every end product , what does mean end product ?? end product = theme that you like to sell or what ??
i see that every team here sell one single theme with multiple layouts , that means multiple themes in one or what ??
layout = theme ??
i have to buy extended licence for every layout in my theme ??!! that’s very expensive !!
i wish to someone clarify to me all of that
thank you.

You will need a single extended license for your theme. Extended license allows you to use the plugin on a single end product which you will be selling here.

You won’t need an additional license for new page layout in the same theme but yes for a completely new theme you will need another extended license.


thank you so much for your reply,
that’s good, i like to know how i can create multiple layouts in same theme , it seem that you create multiple themes in one .

please help .

You will be using Visual Composer to create multiple homepage layouts for your theme and include it in your demo content xml and show it live on your theme demo.

thank you ,
but some teams created themes with multiple homepages layouts without including visual composer .