Question about Regular License?

Hi, I want to make sure one thing. One Regular License or Extended License can only work to create one end product, right? That means, if someone wants to make two websites with one of my WordPress Themes, he should purchase two licenses, is it?

Last, Who should purchase the Extended License of a WordPress Theme?

Thanks !

Hi, this is unclear territory for me too. I’m around for some time and have read about it 100+ times, but still not quite sure when a customer asks something about extended licenses. I’ve always forwarded them to the Help Center to check with the Envato staff, after all they’re the ones dealing with licenses. Would be nice to have a few examples surely, like if you plan to make a website with subscriptions, multisites with paying accounts or similar most common cases. Thanks!


@dzeriho @YouForest

Even I am not clear but i will share what i know

Regular License
Lets say you are creating an wp site and you bought a theme from themeforest
if its a regular license you can use it in your website. / client website. but you can’t charge for it.
also its required to get multiple License if incase you want to use it in multiple websites. (Most ppl don’t do that. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Extended License
Lets say you are working on a custom application and for that you need a theme. but you are going the app which you developed in that case you need Extended License

Extended License is nothing but you can charge your customers for the app / plugin / assets you bought from Envato to. also you can use on multiple websites i think >!!

You need an Extended License if the end users of the website you’re installing the theme on are going to be charged for using/viewing the website.


Just to add-

  • extended has nothing to do with the number of websites.

  • it is always one license per website

  • extended licenses are only relevant to the functionality of the website itself (as per @OsamaSayegh comment)


Hey mods, one more question :slight_smile: Envato Market WordPress Plugin is really good. I think we should all switch to that, but will it ever handle registration for a specific site URL. This would mean so much. At the moment if I’m not mistaking users can download unlimited times their items on different site addresses + they get’em updated within the WP Dashboard automatically. This will just spread bad behaviour. Thanks!