Multiple use of one theme by Extended License?

I wonder if I can use one of my Themes for multiple clients by buying Extended License. If so, is it unlimited? I currently have the regular license which means I can use it only once.

I’d appreciate it if anyone can help me. The documentation about extended license vs regular license was somewhat confusing!!

In short no you can’t. Neither license allows multiple use, and it’s always 1 copy/license per 1 website.

The difference is only about the functionality of the site e.g. If users are required to pay to access/use a site then it needs an extended license.

Thank you Charlie! This way it costs me a fortune!! Any ideas of how I can lower my expenses?

Unfortunately not - it’s still a LOT cheaper than design/developing through an agency or freelancer as well as generally better priced than most similar marketplaces

Besides - if it’s client projects you can just bill them for it?!

I would suggest that you get them to buy the theme and not you so that they have support/updates etc even if you part ways


You’re right. Thank you