License Help


I’m a bit confused with this license thing.

I was hired by a person to make him a informational website about his business.

I buy a $60 theme and use it to build a website for my client, I charge my client $1000 for this website. Is the regular license enough or do I have to buy the extended license since I’m going to charge him?

It’s just going to have informational text and images with contact details.


Hi @najemnikarmy
As you mentioned, you purchased item with regular license and used for one client. It means you have transferred your license to that client. It is okay and doesn’t matter what you charge.
Remember, you have transferred your license means you have no rights to use it again for other client.
If you have plan to use that theme for many clients than please purchase extended license.

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Regular License is fine when end users (the end users here are your client’s users, not your client himself) can use/view the end product (the website) for free. And Extended License is required when end users will have to pay to use/view the end product.

So as long as your customer is planning to publish his website for free, a Regular License is fine. Otherwise, an Extended License is required.

You cannot use an Extended or a Regular License on multiple clients, you need a license for each client.
I hope this help.


Thank you, I’ll go with the regular license since my client is not going to charge anyone for visiting or viewing his website.